Poetry-Verses-Prose: Lessons in creative writing

June 5, 2017


Sex and violence are not the only weapons for creative writers. Even philanderers and soldiers will tell you there is much more to life—and there is certainly much more to poetry and prose. In this blog, I will be passing on what I know about the complex art of words.


I began thinking seriously about creative writing when a series of short stories I wrote as a teaching tool went viral, far beyond my employer’s intended audience. Using plot, eccentric characters and—essential for any good tale—conflict, they did more than inform; they entertained. It seemed I had a talent. Gaining distinctions in creative writing modules within studies for an English Literature degree, achieving in 2015 a BA First-class Honours, honed and confirmed that talent.


So, I can write and have studied the tricks and rules of the trade—and for those who want to achieve financial rewards from their work, it is a trade which, like all trades, needs knowledge as well as talent. That is what I’ll be passing on: knowledge gained from years of study. It won’t guarantee you (or me) success, but without it you’re swimming in concrete boots.


A metaphor, ‘concrete boots’, is a good place to end this first blog and a good subject for the next—the art of the metaphor (particularly useful when writing about sex and violence because hump and thump gets a little tedious).


I hope you enjoy and learn something along the way. I am sure I will.


Ps: Future blogs will include a book review/recommendation. Not a new release but a treasure or useful reference you may have overlooked first time around.




Martin’s first novel, Conjuring the Blood, a terrorist thriller and redemption tale, and a short story, Poor Bee, about poisoned love, are available in ebook format on Amazon.


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