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Location: Exeter, Devon.

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 ‘…imaginative, intricate and convincing…’ ‘ impressive achievement.’ Robin Wade, London literary agent.


Five star rated on Amazon UK.

Two friendless losers but when fear conjures the blood, when losing's not an option - you fight to win.

It is 2029. From the ashes of ISIS’s defeat, a new force has emerged. Based in Europe, they see in Britain a siege mentality and opportunity to disunite the United Kingdom. Their aim: to establish a Sharia governed enclave within London—an Islamist foothold and stepping stone in the symbolic heart of the West.

With the Security Services weakened by political expediency, the nation divided, social order collapsing and the liberal elite discredited, all that stand in their way are an Islamophobic MI5 agent, more concerned with his disintegrating love life that the nation’s future, and a troubled Islamist with good reason to hate his brothers-in-arms.

These are no tough and uncompromising guardians of Western democracy working together to save British freedoms. Naive and blinded by bigotry they hate each other and, with their children taken hostage, become pawns rather than obstacles to the enemies of the state.

But when needs must, unremarkable people can do remarkable things. Traitors can be heroes.

West Coast Ramblings and More

There's plenty of great guides out there on walking the coast and countryside of Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset. My contributions (see the blog) include photographs and a little history, legend and myth to keep you occupied along the way.


And in case the moors and coastlines inspire you to put fingers to keyboard, there also posts on the Art of writing. .

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Rarely used word of the Week
chimera -
Has a festive ring don't you think? And means fancy, delusion, impossible dream or, for most of us, the New Year's resolution. Nowt wrong with a dream though (I have a few). 

He loves her and she him. But some poisons have no antidote. Read        for free: